How SecondSight Tames Your Microsoft Sprawl

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1. Optimize Software Costs

When your Microsoft SaaS spending goes up, you want to make sure that the increase is driven by a need for the services, not waste. SecondSight makes it easy to see where you can save on Microsoft cloud services, like Office 365, and where subscriptions can be turned off or downsized. SecondSight's includes all the data you'll need to right size your Microsoft software spend. SecondSight collects usage data that enables you to make well-informed software purchases and renewal decisions.

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2. Simplify File Search and Discovery

Most organization have no idea which files and databases are actively used on their network or Microsoft cloud based storage services. And when applications are in use, you want to be sure that they're used in ways that fit your organization. SecondSight's application usage data enables you to track in real-time Microsoft application usage including:

  • who and when files and databases are created, accessed or modified.
  • where users store these files and databases (including SharePoint sites and OneDrive).

Armed with this data, you can:

  • identify suspicious usage patterns for sensitive files
  • conduct quick and thorough forensic investigations involving files and databases
  • preserve the right information for regulatory or business needs.
  • be notified in real time when new files and databases are created.
  • search for rogue and legacy databases and file usage across hard drives, network file shares and cloud based storage.
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3. Right Size Training Initiatives

Getting the most out of your Microsoft software means that you need the right training for your users. Some users need more advanced training to take advantage of all that Microsoft has to offer. SecondSight provides you with key data to understand which users need more advanced training in their Microsoft applications and which are basic users. SecondSight enables you to put your Microsoft training dollars to good use by showing who your "power users" vs. your light users thereby enabling you target training dollars effectively.