Our Mission

SecondSight's mission to help companies make the better, data driven decisions about their software environment. We provide simple, actionable usage data in one interface that saves companies money, improves their application security and restores IT sanity to the management of their software environment.

Our Beginning

SecondSight started through my experiences working for several CIOs and my time as a CISO. I came across many peers frustrated by the same problems my organization had. We had the sense that we were:

  • spending too much on software with no real usage data to know what we needed and what we didn't.
  • in the dark about the explosion of hidden and mission critical files and databases that existed in our network or the cloud.
  • underutilizing critical SaaS services, because we had no means to identify whether we users were actively using the services we provided.

In each case, we needed one thing to make good decisions: accurate application and file usage data.

After a long search, I realized that virtually no tools existed to give me the data I needed to deal with these problems. I quit my job and created SecondSight to end these frustrations.

My belief is that good data will help us all make good decisions about the software and data we need and those we don't.

Logan Kleier